How to Fix an Overbite

Overbites, where upper teeth overlap the lower front teeth, are quite common. While mild cases may be minor, a significant overbite can lead to dental health concerns. Montvale Orthodontics helps patients understand overbites and discover the right treatment solution for a healthy, confident smile.

Understanding Overbites: Causes and Consequences

What it is: An overbite occurs when your upper teeth protrude noticeably beyond your lower front teeth. Jaw size and tooth misalignment are usually the culprits – simply not enough space to accommodate all your pearly whites!

Potential Causes: Beyond jaw and teeth, habits like nail biting, teeth grinding, or (for children) thumbsucking and late pacifier use can contribute to overbites.

Why it matters: An overbite isn’t just cosmetic. It can lead to problems like:

  • Tooth decay and gum disease: Misaligned teeth make cleaning harder, increasing the risk of cavities and gum issues.
  • Worn enamel and chipped teeth: Friction between misaligned teeth can wear down enamel and cause chipping or cracking.
  • Chewing and biting difficulties: Misalignment can make it tough to chew and bite effectively.

Fixing Your Overbite: Options for Every Smile

At Montvale Orthodontics, we offer various overbite treatments tailored to your needs:


  • Braces: Gentle pressure from braces realigns teeth over time, followed by retainers to maintain the new position.
  • Palate expanders: During growth spurts, these devices widen the jaw, creating space for proper tooth alignment.
  • Tooth extraction: In some cases, removing baby teeth or permanent teeth creates room for proper alignment.


  • Clear aligners: Discreet and removable, Invisalign® gradually realigns teeth with a series of custom-made trays.
  • Tooth extraction: Similar to children, extraction may be necessary to create space for proper alignment.

Ready for a Radiant Smile? Montvale Orthodontics is Here!

Don’t let an overbite impact your dental health or confidence. At Montvale Orthodontics, our experienced team provides personalized treatment plans and compassionate care to achieve your perfect smile. Contact us today at 201-746-9910 for a consultation and take the first step towards a healthy, confident bite!

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