Open Bite Correction

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Open Bite Correction

An open bite is when the top and bottom teeth don’t touch at the front or back of the mouth when the jaw is fully shut, leaving a space between them. Open bites are a form of malocclusion, or “bad bite”: a variety of dental issues that cause the teeth to align improperly, causing problems when biting down, and a host of other related issues, including pain, oral hygiene issues, and tooth and gum decay.

An open bite can be hard to treat, but we can fix it with different types of braces and/or clear aligners like Invisalign®. If you or your child has an open bite, call our office today to schedule an appointment so that you or your child can smile and bite properly.

graphic of an open bite
  • Does an open bite require surgery for correction?

  • Does an open bite get worse over time?

    Yes, absolutely. Any orthodontic problem, like an open bite, that is not fixed will get worse over time. It is very important to see an experienced orthodontist as soon as possible who can fix your or your child’s open bite. This will prevent further damage to the teeth and gums and pain or discomfort when you or your child chews, bites, or swallows.

    Children with open bites will have the best and most long-lasting results if they get help as toddlers or by age 7.

More Questions?

If you have more questions on how to correct your open bite, give us a call or request an appointment today!

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