Micro-Implants, also known as temporary anchorage devices (TADs), is a recent innovation in Orthodontics that makes certain Orthodontic treatment that was deemed impossible previously.

Micro-Implants (TADs) & Orthodontics

Most of the traditional Orthodontic appliances had to rely on teeth only, and certain movements of the teeth were not possible due to this nature. In return, it caused limitations on what we could achieve in Orthodontic treatment. With the recent development of Micro-Implants, sometimes referred to as temporary anchorage devices (TADs), many of those limitations are overcome and many achievements that were impossible to achieve in the past are now possible. They are used only temporarily and will be removed before or at the completion of your orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Oh has abundant experience working with Micro-Implants for over 10 years. If Dr. Oh thinks Micro-Implants would be beneficial for your orthodontic care, he will go over the details of Micro-Implants and how they can improve your orthodontic outcome.



  • Why Use Micro-Implants In Orthodontics?

    Micro-implants (or TADs) can be used in orthodontics for temporary anchorage devices that don’t have the same reciprocal impact on other teeth. It can improve treatment effectiveness by concentrating movement on an individual or selected group of teeth without impacting teeth that are in a more favorable position. Unlike a dental implant, which is placed for permanent purposes, these small micro-implants are used only temporarily and will be removed before or at the completion of Orthodontic treatment.


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If you have more questions about mini dental implants or would like to request an appointment, please contact our office and we'll be happy to discuss further.

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